About Us

Federal Chemicals, Inc. (FCI) was formed on June 24, 1993 by two young and talented entrepreneurs. Their aim was to manufacture, market, and distribute alternative brands of sealants, adhesives, and ancillary products with excellent quality and will give the public more value for their money.

At the time of FEDCHEM’s establishment, another brand of sealant dominated the hardware and construction markets. Seeing this as an opportunity to fullfill its vision, FedChem introduced FedSeal Elastromeric Sealant. Its wide acceptance by the market paved way for FedChem to follow FedSeal’s success by introducing Surebond and Bondy contact cement brands, which also became by word in the leather goods industry.

Through the years, FedChem remains steadfast in its commitment to provide the public with practical solutions-economical and quality products.

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FedChem’s vision is to become a dynamic player in the construction and hardware indusries as one of the leading suppliers of adhesive and chemicals. The company also aims to become the only one in the country to offer the most complete and more economically priced line-up of adhesives, sealants, and ancillary products to the local market.


FedChem commits to produce quality adhesives, sealants, and other chemical products that meet total customer satisfaction. FedChem strives to exceed customer expectations through continuous product innovation, cutting-edge research and development, and offering quality affordable merchandise in the market.


FedChem is manned by a team of professionals with proven track records in marketing, sales,R&D,manufacturing and general operations in both consumer (DIY) and industrial chemicals.
The company’s key officers are behind very sucessful brands in the market. Their knowledge of and experience in the hardware / construction business incliding retail and wholesale distribution enable them to offer workable solutions for the well-formed CUSTOMERS and trade partners of the new millenium.