1K All Plastics Primer

Sikkens 1K All Plastics Primer is a one-component plastic adhesion primer suitable for all common plastic car parts. It is a colorless, ready-to-spray, quick-drying adhesion primer that is very easy to use. 1K All Plastics Primer can be recoated wet-on-wet with any Sikkens topcoat or preparatory product.

Sizes: 1L

Anti Silicone

Additive to be used in case of silicone contamination 

Antisilicone is a special additive to be used in car refinishes in the case of silicone contamination

Sizes: 1L

Polykit Xcel

Sikkens Polykit Xcel is a two-component, fine pigmented polyester putty perfect for fixing minor scratches or large dents. Displaying a high-strength, non-shrink formula, it has outstanding resistance to water, oil and stains. Formulated to mix very easily with Sikkens hardeners, it is easy to spread and is suited for use on various substrates. With quick-drying and excellent adhesive properties, Polykit Xcel can be easily sanded to a smooth and even finish.

Sizes: 1,95 kg

Autoclear Mix & Matt

Sikkens Autoclear Mix&Matt is a two-pack matting finish, consisting of a low gloss and semi gloss component, for application over all basecoats. It is especially designed for the repair and total respray of original matt finishes, as well for the repair of low gloss and semi gloss car parts. The desired gloss level can be achieved by mixing the two components.

Autoclear Mix & Matt

Size: 1L

Autoclear Pro Xpress

The essential fast-drying solution for a high gloss finish

You can count on Autoclear Pro Xpress to deliver exactly what you need – premium gloss finish, excellent flow and a long-lasting gloss retention. Application is easy and versatile with Autoclear Pro Xpress. The two-component clearcoat system is suitable for all Sikkens basecoats, repair types and on most substrates and application conditions. The clearcoat is also quick drying with different drying options.

Achieve a dust free surface in a shorter time span when you mix Autoclear Pro Xpress with a specially-formulated reducer – Plus Reducer Xpress Dry. With this reducer and the right combination of hardener, the clearcoat can also be polished in as fast as 30 minutes at higher room temperatures.

Size: 1L

Autocryl Plus

High-solid, solvent borne topcoat with superb color vibrancy

Displaying unparalleled color vibrancy, Autocryl Plus is a high solid, high build single stage topcoat that provides the perfect OEM finish – with the option to go with semi-gloss or full matt. It is highly durable with strong chemical and weather resistance. Autocryl Plus requires a minimal range of tinters for the right color match. With excellent coverage, the topcoat allows for lesser paint consumption without compromising on quality.

It is extremely easy to spray and is suitable for any type of repairs – spot, panel or total respray. No polishing is required and with a quick drying time, Autocryl Plus helps you save time, effort and overall cost.

Size: 1L

Autowave MM 2

Waterborne basecoat for solid, pearl or metallic colors
Sikkens Autowave MM sets a new standard in waterborne basecoat performance with major advances in binder and pigment technology. It provides excellent coverage, metallic control and sprayability when duplicating OEM solid, metallic and pearl effect colors – with remarkable ease of use, first time right reliability and reduced process time.

Size: 1L

Primer Surfacer EP

Anti-corrosion primer surfacer with strong adhesion, especially on bare metals

Primer Surfacer EP is a two-component, chromate-free epoxy primer-surfacer with excellent corrosion resistance and strong adhesion properties. It provides durable protection for a wide range of surfaces, giving you a peace of mind for a long-lasting paint job.
Being highly versatile, it can be applied on new substrates, existing finishes, or on all metal parts to restore vintage cars during collision repair. It can also be applied on or underneath body filler and is perfect for all repair types.

Primer Surfacer EP allows for easy mixing, and it can be sanded for a super-smooth result even though no sanding is required. The primer can also be tinted with Sikkens topcoats for maximum coverage and hiding power.

Size: 2L

Multi Use Filler Xcel

Incredibly versatile, high-build multi-purpose primer

Multi Use Filler Xcel is a multi-purpose and fast-curing two-component primer which can be used as a high-build filler or primer surfacer. Besides having outstanding filling and levelling properties, the primer can be sanded easily to achieve a smooth surface for optimum topcoat application. It allows for both wet and dry sanding, although sanding is not required. Multi Use Filler Xcel exhibits excellent adhesion and can be tinted with single-stage topcoats, increasing the topcoat’s hiding power while minimizing paint consumption.

The versatile primer can be applied on a wide range of substrates and is perfect for all kinds of repair. There’s also multiple options for drying – air dry, low bake dry or quick curing with minimal IR power – providing you maximum flexibility to suit your needs.

Size: 4L

M600 Degreaser

General purpose solvent borne cleaner and degreaser

M600 is a multi-purpose solvent borne cleaner for cleaning and degreasing bare metal, existing finishes and primer-surfacers. It efficiently removes solvent-soluble contaminants such as oil, silicone and grease.

Size: 5L

P25 Hardener

Multipurpose medium solid hardener. Suitable for spot and panel repairs at 20 – 30 °C.

Sizes: 1L

Autoclear Expert HS

Sikkens Autoclear Expert HS is two component clearcoat system provides excellent flow, gloss and smooth finish.
It is easy to apply and suitable for all types of repairs, in most application conditions.

Size: 5L

Wanda Clearcoat

Wanda Hi-Performance Clearcoat is a high viscosity and quick drying two component clearcoat system that provides excellent flow with a smooth and high gloss finish. It is easy to apply and suitable for all types of repairs in various application conditions.

Size : 3,2 L