4in1 group

4-IN-ONE Oil

High Quality oil that can be used anywhere a light lubricant is needed

Sizes: 4L, 120ml Plastic Bottle

AQUAPROOF Elastomeric Roof Coating

An acrylic water based, high build elastromeric roof coating especially formulated to protect galvanized iron roof as other roofing materials from rust and other harmful effect of the harsh elements in the environment

aqua proof group

Sizes: 16L, 4L


AQUABLOC Elastomeric Paint

Aquabloc Elastromeric paint is an acrylic, water based, flexible highbuild, waterproof coating for interior and exterior masonry surfaces of residential, commercial, industrial and high rise establishment. It cures to an elastic, seamless, homogeneous layer that provides permanent sealing of hairline cracks

Sizes: 16L, 4L