Suitable for bonding applications in many industries. They offer flexible tack time and selectable setting time, and capable of bonding a wide range of materials including porous materials with easy application. They are weather and heat resistance and provide reliable bonding strenght.

Sizes: 15kg, 3kg, 1L

DB Primer

As its name suggests, primer are use to prime or prep a material’s surface prior to adhesion in order to make the surface more suitable for gluing and to help the adhesive attach with heightened effectiveness. Users only need to apply the primer onto the required workpiece and wiat for it to absorb into the area before applying the adhesive.


Sizes: 15L, 3L

Graft adhesive


Mostly for outsole bonding in shoe industry. Also suitable for applications where bonding with Polychloroprene contact adhesive is less effective. the provide strong bond strength, and can be used on wide range of materials. They also prevent plasticizer migration on PVC while the application of a suitable primer, which provides stronger bonding result.

Sizes: 15kg, 3kg, 1L

DB PU Adhesive

Polyurethane adhesive contact specially formulated for providing firm initial grip and strong end bonding strength. they are fast setting with outstanding color retention and superb heat & weather resistance. They do not stain, easy and safe to work with, and provide excellent green force.they bond a wide range of materials including porous materials, and are suitable for room temprature bonding and heat-activated bonding as well.

pu adhesive

Sizes: 15L, 3L